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Reaching Into Yesterday

Reaching Into Yesterday

by Norman Abraham

Haileybury is steeped in history and has a very interesting and dramatic background. From the 1600's, many events have taken place around Lake Temiskaming- events caused by adventurers, foreign military forces, explorers, miners and farmers. When the town was founded, a great mixture of people of different cultures made up the town's population and many developments were created by their presence. This is a more personal history of how the author's family history intertwines with the history of the Temiskaming District.

This story goes back to Syria in the Middle East, where his parents were born. Their life at that time was like a chapter from the novel The Arabian Nights. They lived in constant fear of the marauding Arabs and the Turks who ruled Syria until World War I. Although his parents led a very simple life, the turmoil became unbearable, and they finally decided to leave. Thousands of Syrian people moved to other parts of the world, to the Caribbean, South America, the United States and Canada.

These immigrants, like many others, should be highly commended. Somehow they managed to survive and prosper under difficult and unpredictable conditions. They left home with very little money and moved to a strange country, having a completely different climate and environment.

The author attempts to recapture as much of the past as he can, most of it from memory. Those historic events throughout the book that had to be researched, have the documentation included.

Many photographs make this a captivating first-hand account for a lot of Haileybury history.

Go Here for preview of the extensive Index.(in process)

ISBN: 0-88954-394-1 | Hard Cover with dust jacket | 8.5 x 11" inches approximately | 318 pages | $39.95