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Sir Harry Oakes: An Accumulation of Notes

Sir Harry Oakes

by Bob Cowan

Sir Harry Oakes: An Accumulation of Notes is a review of the life of Harry Oakes from his early days in his native Sangerville, Maine, through his travels around the world in search of gold and eventually to his untimely death in the Bahamas.

In 1911 Harry Oakes headed towards Kirkland Lake in the Northern Ontario mining area of Canada, where he discovered his El Dorado and from that point on, Harry Oakes would never have to look back. His new found wealth made many philanthropic donations possible, including one to St. George's Hospital in London, England, which would earn him a Baronetcy in 1939. Afterwards, plain Harry Oakes was known as Sir Harry Oakes.

author Bob Cowan

Sir Harry's final move to the Bahamas in the mid-1930s allowed him to meet a number of interesting individuals: the Duke of Windsor, ex-king of England; Harold Christie (later to be Sir Harold Christie), a Bahamian real estate entrepreneur; Axel Wenner-Gren, a millionaire businessman; and Count Alfred de Marigny from the island of Mauritius, who would one day marry Sir Harry's eldest daughter Nancy.

On July 18th, 1943, Sir Harry Oakes was found brutally murdered in his palatial home in Nassau by one of his closest friends, Harold Christie. His death was called the murder of the century and has never been solved.

This fascinating life is ably researched and told by Bob Cowan, who spent time in the Bahamas, US and Canada collecting the research notes for this book while working in international banking for a Canadian chartered bank.

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ISBN: 0-88954-416-6 | Hardcover | 8.5 x 11 inches approximately | 270 pages | $39.95

Table of Contents

An Introduction

Chapter I

Harry Oakes 1874-1911

His Early Days and Search for Gold

Chapter 2

Harry Oakes 1912-1923

Kirkland Lake and the Lake Shore Mines

Chapter 3

Harry Oakes 1924-1934

Niagara Falls and Oak Hall

Chapter 4

Harry Oakes 1934-1943

The Bahamas At Last

Chapter 5

Sir Harry Oakes and Members of His Family

Chapter 6

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor

Chapter 7

Count Marie Alfred Fouquereaux de Marigny

Chapter 8

The Murder of the Century - As It Was Called

Chapter 9

The Magistrate's and Supreme Courts

Chapter 10

The Prosecution and the Dynamic Miami Duo

Chapter 11

The Defense - The Other Side of the Case

Chapter 12

Witnesses - To Tell The Truth

Chapter 13

Sir Harry Oakes - Some Other Note

Chapter 14

Some Authors; Some Books and a Few Movies

Chapter 15

Some Closing Remarks or The Last Chapter